• Clear Enterprise business software: Think ahead, Stay ahead!
  • Clear Enterprise business software: Think ahead, Stay ahead!
  • Clear Enterprise business software: Think ahead, Stay ahead!

Think ahead, Stay ahead! (with Clear Enterprise business management software)



Clear Objective provides a comprehensive range of consulting, technical, and development services as well as an established and proven suite of methodologies and strategies, to help any company advance their business with Clear Enterprise.

Consulting Services

Clear Objective’s consultants understand the challenges of medium sized businesses and the demand to respond to rapid change.  Our business consultants can work with you to define your needs and processes in order to establish a solution that suits your business. Our implementation and training consultants have many years’ experience in assisting customers in the design, configuration and use of Clear Enterprise solutions. We combine rapid and flexible delivery with robust project disciplines and stakeholder management focus to ensure achievement of planned outcomes for our customers.

Software Development Services

Clear Objective invests heavily in the ongoing development of the Clear Enterprise solution. We keep up to date with industry changes and are continually enhancing Clear Enterprise, our industry solutions and our extension products to meet these challenges as well as the specific requirements of our customers. We work closely with all our customers to ensure our software delivers the results they want.

Technical Services

Clear Objective offers a range of services to assist customers with all their technology and infrastructure requirements. From application, server and network administration through to desktop support and purchasing, Clear Objective can be the single point of contact for all customer IT queries and issues. We understand the business of our Clear Enterprise customers and so can ensure appropriate responses to all IT requests.