ClearMobile Sales

Think ahead, Stay ahead! (with Clear Enterprise business management software)


ClearMobile Sales

Provide the right tools for your sales people who are always on the road. ClearMobile Sales is a web enquiry and sales solution built for laptops, handheld and tablet devices. ClearMobile Sales embraces touchscreen technology and gives users the capability to immediately ’get the job done’ no matter where they are.

With internet access directly to the Clear Enterprise ERP software, sales representatives can:

  • View products, examine product details, and enquire on stock levels
  • Ascertain pricing in line with all the contracts, discount structures and specials already set up in Clear Enterprise
  • Create and manage orders in line with security controls
  • Recall open orders or historic orders for reordering purposes
  • Invoice immediately and either email or print the invoice ‘on the spot’.

ClearMobile Sales leverages your investment in Clear Enterprise by providing sales people easy access to sales functionality and up to date information anywhere, anytime.