ClearOnline Account Manager

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ClearOnline Account Manager

Improve the productivity of your sales force by giving them the tools to effectively and efficiently manage their customers as well as their own time. ClearOnline Account Manager is a web based facility that is fully integrated with the Customer Management functionality of Clear Enterprise.

ClearOnline Account Manager enables your sales managers and representatives to:

  • Manage and schedule customer visits and customer related tasks
  • Review  details and activities of their customers via the web, including a history of sales, pricing,  and requests for service.
  • Record their own notes about a customer and make various requests on a customer’s behalf.

Also, efficiently manage your returns process by empowering your customers to lodge details and documentation on returns through the web. Let the ClearOnline Account Manager drive your review, approval and notification process. Your customers will be able to monitor and contribute further information when and if required.