ClearOnline Sales

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ClearOnline Sales

Grow your business by allowing your customers to order online. No more double entry of order data, no more processing errors, no more long waits for your customer to enquire on their account. ClearOnline Sales will enable you to automate your entire customer sales process and at the same time empower your customers to manage their own accounts.

The ClearOnline Sales utility app is a complete online ordering system that fully integrates with Clear Enterprise ERP software:

  • Customers receive pricing directly in line with pre-agreed contracts, discount structures and specials
  • Full or limited visibility of products and stock levels according to your requirements
  • Orders and stock reservation are immediately reflected in your system

Designed for Your Customers

Whether a new customer or a long term account customer ClearOnline Sales provides for all your needs:

  • Secure account access
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Immediate access to product details and images
  • Provision for standard orders and favourites
  • Full sales cycle support – from ordering to payment
  • Consistent account controls
  • Order authorisation mechanism
  • Visibility of transactions and sales documents online
ClearOnline Sales is also available for tablets and smartphones.