Think ahead, Stay ahead! (with Clear Enterprise business management software)



ClearPack‘n’Go is designed to handle fast moving, high volume product lines moving through production and warehouse areas. This extended functionality of Clear Enterprise allows the quick allocation of products to orders and bundling of those products into cartons or pallets ready for despatch.  This leads to more efficient order processing, faster invoicing and better customer account management.

Live Order Updates

Ideally suited to environments that require efficient picking and packing of any product type, ClearPack‘n’Go also manages variable weight products. Users can scan products directly or have scales capture live weight information.  For total flexibility, orders can be picked at time of production or as part of the warehouse process.

Designed For Serialised And Non-Serialised Products

For total flexibility ClearPack‘n’Go is designed to work with both serialised and non-serialised products. On scanning a serialised product, serial numbers are captured live and anyone logged into the Clear Enterprise database can view real-time updates in the product records

Delivery Run Management & Transport-Loading Sequence

Orders can be allocated depending on the pick and drop requirements of the daily logistics schedule.  ClearPack‘n’Go includes an easy to operate delivery run management tool to oversee the transport loading sequence.  This allows for packing of individual trucks for drop-offs along a delivery route in any region.

Automated Carton Labelling

As the contents of each carton or pallet is captured and stored, ClearPack‘n’Go can be configured to automatically print labels. Typical label information may include: Order details, destination address, product quantities and descriptions, serial numbers, weights and any other required information.

Easy Installation

ClearPack‘n’Go can be installed on any windows based computer connected to a touch screen monitor. For variable weight situations the software will interface with scales if connected. The touch screen interface is designed so the most novice user can operate it.