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ClearScan Sales

Using ClearScan Sales with Clear Enterprise allows users to perform sales related functions from the shop floor using wireless barcode scanners.

  • Create a new customer Sales Order for cash or account sales. Products may be scanned on or off the order by scanning the product barcode or by entering the product code on the device
  • Search for and recall an existing Sales Order and amend product and quantity information for that Sales Order via the wireless barcode scanner.
  • Perform a price lookup for standard retail pricing or, if the customer account code is entered, the customer specific price for that product with a guide as to how the price was calculated.

All functions performed via the wireless scanner using ClearScan Sales will conform to the standard Clear Enterprise business rules, functions and security controls such as customer specific pricing, customer alerts, and credit limit checks.

ClearScan Sales is fast and easy to use. Users may select functions by pressing the appropriate numeric key or, if the scanner has a touch sensitive screen, by tapping the item on the menu. Items are simply scanned onto an order and, if significant quantities are required, the number may be easily keyed or increased/decreased via the on-screen “+” or “-“ buttons.