ClearScan Stock Manager

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ClearScan Stock Manager

ClearScan Stock Manager gives the users of Clear Enterprise the ability to perform a wide range of stock related functions using wireless barcode scanners.

  • Stock Lookup – product details, availability and location
  • Stock Transfer  - moving stock from one location to another
  • Stock Adjustment – permission based modification of stock on hand
  • Stocktake – for bin and non-bin tracked products as well as by pallet
  • Stock Allocation – allocate orders to a location for picking, allocate pallets to orders
  • Picking – pick to order by bin or product
  • Goods Receipt – receive goods into a warehouse

ClearScan Stock Manager performs in line with all the business rules and functions of Clear Enterprise as well as user permissions.

Other ClearScan Stock Manager features include handling and scanning of:

  • Manufacturer part numbers, supplier part numbers, bins, and pallets as well as product
  • Serialised and non-serialised product
  • Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC)
  • Duplicate barcodes

ClearScan Stock Manager is fast and easy to use. Whether using the scanner technology, the touchscreen, or keypad, ClearScan Stock Manger will greatly improve the accuracy and speed of stock management in your business.